The Story Tellers' Guild Alumni Association Scholarship
Application Requirements & Submission Form for 2017 Applicants
This scholarship seeks to give financial assistance to a student, in good standing, that embodies the mission statement set forth by The Story Tellers' Guild student organization at SUNY Oswego.

That mission statement is, "To promote and provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to express their creativity whether they are gamers, role-players, dramatic artists, writers, storytellers, or others; and to promote the positive aspects of gaming and eliminate negative stereotypes regarding gamers and gaming culture."
Amount $300.00
Recipients As determined by the committee.
Deadline April 20, 2017
To qualify, a student must: Students will submit their applications electronically via the form on this webpage.

A nominating committee consisting of the STGAA President, Vice-President and Head of the Endowment Committee will review all applications and choose a final recipient. The scholarship recipient will be announced in April. A place and time is yet to be determined, but the recipient need not attend to receive their scholarship.

Let it be known that any student holding the position of STGAA Student Representative is not eligible for this scholarship.
Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. Announcements will be made soon