2011 Scholarship Recipient

We received 5 applications for the 2011 STGAA Scholarship. Two of which were incredibly close contenders with two more right on their heels. Because of this, we ask our Junior year applicants to please apply again next year during their Senior year. Incredibly good stuff! Amazing the amount of time, effort, and goodwill that you have already provided to The Story Tellers’ Guild! We thank you all.

Ultimately, because of his dedication to STG, both promoting and supporting the organization, Mark Edward Smith Jr. is this years recipient of the STGAA Scholarship worth 250.00. Congratulations!

We apologize for not being able to make the announcement at the final STG meeting. Bad timing on our part. We will aspire to be better coordinated this next year (and have a backup and tertiary plan in place) .

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