The Story Tellers' Guild Alumni Association Bylaws

Article 1. Name

This organization shall be known as Story Tellers' Guild Alumni Association, Inc. (hereinafter STGAA). The organization shall be located at SUNY Oswego in Oswego, New York and at, where the current Treasurer's mailing address will be published. The web site will make most of its content available to the public. Some content will be restricted to Members, defined below, as directed by the Board of Directors.

Article 2. Purpose

The objectives and purposes of the organization are to perpetuate the StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego (STG) experience following graduation by fostering brotherhood and fellowship among both the graduates and undergraduates of the StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego, to encourage and support the undergraduate StoryTellers' Guild members at SUNY Oswego, to encourage contributions to the StoryTellers' Guild at SUNY Oswego endowment for scholarship, to support the programs and services of the StoryTellers’ Guild at SUNY Oswego, and to support the programs and services of SUNY Oswego.

Article 2. Subsection 1

The STGAA exists as a separate entity from the Story Teller's Guild of SUNY Oswego. No decisions shall be made by the STGAA that will in any way act as decision by proxy for the STG.

Likewise, the STGAA shall not enact bylaws, or pass resolutions that affect the income, or events of the STG. In no way should the STGAA act in a fashion that would deprive the STG of its status as an independent entity from the STGAA.

Article 2. Subsection 1. Exception 1

Given ample time for discussion and agreement by majority vote of the STG; the STGAA could be authorized to act in specific situations in a manner inconsistent with this subsection. These situations would be determined by the STG and would be limited in both scope and duration of time to be decided by STG during voting on the matter at hand.

Article 2. Subsection 2

STGAA is organized exclusively for educational purpose under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Article 3. Memberships

Membership of the STGAA shall consist of two classes namely: "Members" and "Honorary Members".

Article 3. Subsection 1. Members

All persons who were members of the StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego (STG) and left the school shall automatically be Members of the STGAA.

STG Members must rescind STGAA membership until they have once again left the STG.

Article 3. Subsection 1. Exception 1. Student Representative

In exception, The STGAA Student Representative must be a current member in good standing of the STG.

Article 3. Subsection 2. Honorary Members

Honorary Members of the STGAA may be elected by the Board of Directors.

Current and past advisors of the StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego shall be Honorary Members.

Article 3. Subsection 3

All members of the STGAA, including Honorary Members, and who have paid the current Tier 1 dues shall be voting members of the STGAA.

Article 3. Subsection 4. Termination of Membership

Any member engaging in disruptive or illegal behavior in the context of STGAA business may suffer sanctions up to and including permanent termination of membership in the STGAA. Determination of behavior deemed disruptive or illegal shall be made by the executive board and will require a majority vote during a meeting in order to move forward with discussion of sanctions against the infringing party. Sanctions will then be discussed and another vote will be called requiring a majority to successfully pass the sanction proposed.

In the case of illegal activities carried out under the auspices of the STGAA, the authorities will be notified after discussion of the executive board so appropriate legal action can be taken.

Article 4. Dues

Dues are collected annually by December 31st of the current year to be used for membership status for the following year. The STGAA Board of Directors can modify the annual dues amounts at its discretion.

Article 4. Subsection 1. Dues Tiers

Tier 1: $10. This level allows voting privileges for the year paid.
Tier 2: $50. This level grants all previous awards and the donor's Arcon fees will be paid in full for that year.
Tier 3: $100. This level grants all previous awards and includes an Arcon T-shirt.
Tier 4: $250. This level grants all previous awards and includes an Arcon swag bag not to exceed $25.
Tier 5: $500. This level grants all previous awards including special recognition at Arcon, and a certificate of thanks from the STGAA, in addition a gift not to exceed $50 in value.

Article 4. Subsection 1. Exception 1

Time and other donations to the STGAA may be substituted in place of monetary donations to the STGAA at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Monetary equivalent of donation will determine the Tier level the member will be given for the current year.

Article 4. Subsection 2. Membership Timeframe

Dues may be paid at any time throughout the year and upon payment, the payee will be considered a member in good standing of the STGAA starting immediately and ending at the end of the next fiscal year if no other payments are received.

Article 5. Fiscal Year

The STGAA's fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31. The STGAA Board of Directors, from time to time, by resolution, may change the fiscal year to some other designated period.

Article 6. Rights and Privileges

Paid membership shall entitle each member of the STGAA to full membership rights within the STGAA:
1. Listing in the annual membership directory.
2. Full voting rights at Association meetings (or by on-line voting) to change Bylaws or elect Board members.
3. Full access to all general sections of the web site:
4. Association newsletters, mailings or on-line correspondence.
5. Automatic invitation to all Association social functions and special events.

Article 7. Board of Directors

The STGAA shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of five elected Directors. These five Directors shall conduct the affairs of the STGAA and make all appropriate decisions by majority vote except to change the Bylaws or elect new Board members. Directors may communicate and vote via written correspondence by postal or electronic mail, telephone calls or meetings held pursuant to Article 14. Any action that may be taken at a meeting of the Board may be taken without a meeting if such action is authorized in a writing setting forth the action taken, signed by all Directors.

Article 8. Terms of Office for Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors shall serve terms of two years with renewal up to six years total service. No Board member may serve as a Director for more than six years continuously.

Article 9. Election of Directors

Article 9. Section 1

(Removed from via 2012 election)

Article 9. Section 2

Nominations for The Board of Directors shall start September 1st and end September 30th. Elections will start on the first Sunday in November and will end after seven days. Voting will take place via an online web ballot. Members having difficulty accessing the web ballot may vote via e-mail with an absentee ballot.

Article 9. Section 3

Current Members shall nominate Members of the STGAA to run for the Board of Directors. Any member of the STGAA in good standing (i.e., fully paid dues) may be nominated for and be elected to office.

Article 9. Section 3. Exception 1. Student Representative

The role of Student Representative must not be a current member of the STGAA. The Student Representative must be a current member in good standing of the STG.

Article 9. Section 4

Members that want to nominate a Member shall submit the name and position to the Vice President of the STGAA. The Vice President shall contact each nominee to obtain their consent before submitting their names for election.

Article 9. Section 5

Should there be more nominees for the Board of Directors than the number of Directors to be elected, the Secretary, or designee, shall mail to each member of the STGAA a ballot which shall include:

a. The names of the nominees for the Board of Directors
b. A short biography of each nominee, if available
c. Instructions for voting and returning the ballot

Article 9. Section 6

Each member of the STGAA shall be entitled to vote for as many nominees as there are positions on the Board of Directors open at the time of the election (IE, one vote per contested position).

Article 9. Section 7

In any case where the number of nominees for the Board does not exceed the number of Directors to be elected, those nominees will automatically be elected to the Board of Directors without the vote of the membership.

Article 9. Section 8

If an election is required, those nominees receiving the greatest number of votes cast shall be deemed elected to the Board of Directors. In case of a tie, there will be a runoff election.

Article 10. Vacancies

Vacancies on the Board of Directors from any cause other than expiration of the term of the Director shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors. The Director so elected shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term of the member of the Board whom he succeeds.

Article 11. Removal from Office

Should any Director fail to perform his duties, or through his conduct bring harm to the STGAA, he/ she may be removed at a duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors by a two-thirds approval of the Members present, in person or by on-line voting.

Said Director may also be subject to sanctions as put forth under Article 3. Section 4 at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Article 12. Compensation

Directors shall receive no compensation for their services, but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as Directors.

All requests for reimbursements are to be given to the Board of Directors in writing for approval.

Article 13. Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors

The duties and responsibilities of the Directors of the STGAA are outlined within the sections below:

Article 13. Section 1. President

1. The President shall exercise such functions and duties as would normally be those of the presiding officer under parliamentary law.
2. The President shall chair, preside, arrange and conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors and the STGAA.
3. The President shall be the major liaison officer representing the Association within its membership and with other alumni, the undergraduate StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego, SUNY Oswego, and other organizations.
4. The President shall be responsible for leadership that ensures that all Association activities are executed in compliance with the Bylaws of the STGAA, and any other rules or laws applicable from SUNY Oswego, and any relevant government entity.
5. If directed by the Board, the President shall conduct a review of the STGAA's financial business within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year, December 31, and report to the Board at its next meeting.

Article 13. Section 2. Vice-President

1. The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties and functions of the President. In the event of the President's disability, the Vice President shall succeed to his powers and duties until relieved from such duties by action of the Board of Directors or the next election.
2. The Vice President shall serve as parliamentarian at all Director and STGAA meetings.
3. The Vice President shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and will report all committee progress to the Board and STGAA.

Article 13. Section 3. Secretary

1. The Secretary shall serve as recording and corresponding member of the STGAA.
2. The Secretary shall maintain a role of membership of the STGAA, keeping a current roster of names, membership dates, residence/e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
3. The Secretary shall prepare and distribute all written announcements of the STGAA.
4. The Secretary shall prepare, publish, and distribute all minutes of STGAA and Board meetings of reports on other events and activities.
5. (Removed via 2012 election)
6. The Secretary shall create and maintain email group lists for the Membership and the Board of Directors.
7. The Secretary shall act as the liaison with the STGAA Webmaster and have co-responsibility with the Webmaster to ensure that the STGAA Web Page is both current and accurate.

Article 13. Section 4. Treasurer

1. The Treasurer shall serve as Chief Financial Officer of the STGAA.
2. The Treasurer shall bill, collect, and record all dues from Members and other charges to the STGAA.
3. The Treasurer shall act as custodian of all funds of the Association, depositing such funds in a reliable bank while keeping accurate and detailed record of all transactions.
4. The Treasurer shall oversee the promotion of fundraising, annual giving campaigns, permanent gifts, and endowments, providing financial impetus to the STGAA.
5. The Treasurer is charged with maintenance and investment of all STGAA funds.
6. Separate Accounts for designated special projects shall be established by the Treasurer at the request of the Board and/or the STGAA.
7. The Treasurer shall make disbursements only on order of the President for expenses less than $500 or the Board of Directors approved by a simple majority of that committee.
8. The Treasurer shall prepare financial statements annually within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year and upon request of the President or Board of Directors.

Article 13. Section 5. Student Representative

1. The Student Representative is a current active member of StoryTellers' Guild of SUNY Oswego (STG).
2. The Student Representative serves as main liaison between the STGAA and STG.
3. The Student Representative performs duties as the Board may prescribe.
4. The Student Representative speaks at STGAA functions and special events as requested by the President.
5. The Student Representative is responsible for maintaining the organization's legal P.O. Box at the Oswego Post Office. In addition, the Student Representative shall receive any and all organization mail and forward it to the appropriate members of the organization.

Article 14. Meetings

Article 14. Section 1. Association Meetings

1. Regular Meetings - The Board may change the date of any STGAA meeting with thirty days notice to all Members via posting on the STGAA Web site and an e-mail. The regular meeting of the STGAA shall be annually on Arcon weekend at a location determined by the President.

2. Other meetings - At the discretion of the President/Board of Directors, and with proper notification of all Directors or Members, special meetings of the STGAA may be held on an “on-call” basis. These may be telephone conference calls or e-mail discussions. Votes may be verbal, written or electronic as long as a record is made of the actual vote by the Secretary or his/her alternate. No business shall be transacted at a special meeting except that which is stated in the notice thereof.

3. Quorum - A quorum shall consist of at least three Directors for Board meetings or at least five members of the STGAA for Membership meetings.

Article 15. STGAA Committees

The STGAA committees provide opportunities for members of the Alumni to share their time, talent, and spirit on behalf of The StoryTellers' Guild Alumni Association. Volunteers from the STGAA are always welcome.

Article 15. Section 1. Standing Committees of the STGAA

There shall be a minimum of three standing committees of the STGAA. The committees are: 1. Committee for STGAA Development
The Committee for STGAA Development is charged with ensuring clarity of purpose for the STGAA. This Committee is responsible for ongoing STGAA development and periodic self-assessment. This committee will design STGAA programs such as mentoring, activities, etc. This committee will also serve as the Nominating Committee for the STGAA. Sub-committees may be designated as needed.

2. Committee for STGAA Endowment
The Committee for STGAA Endowment is responsible for determining eligibility and application procedures for StoryTellers' Guild current members to apply for a scholarship from the STGAA endowment.

3. Committee for STGAA Communication and Advancement
The Committee for STGAA Communication and Advancement shall design STGAA mailings and other communication methods. Sub-committees may be designated as necessary.

Article 15. Section 2. Committee Membership

Committee Chairs, shall be appointed by the president. The Committee Chair shall select committee members. Each committee shall have a minimum of one member. The Committee Chair will make minutes of the committee meetings available and will report committee progress to the Vice President. The Vice President shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member on all committees.

Committee members shall only consist of STGAA members who have paid dues.

Article 15. Section 3. Ad Hoc Committees

Other committees may be created and members appointed as the Board may from time to time deem necessary or advisable.

Article 16. Awards

Article 16. Section 1. Alumnus of the Year

At Arcon weekend each year, the STGAA shall present this award to a deserving alumnus who has best advanced the interests of the STGAA and the StoryTellers' Guild. The recipient shall receive an individual plaque with a permanent plaque to be maintained at the office of the StoryTellers' Guild at SUNY Oswego.

Voting shall be by ballot (mail, e-mail or vote during a meeting) of the Board of Directors based on recommendations by a committee of appointed members or of the previous 'Alumnus of the Year' recipients chaired by the most recent recipient.

Article 16. Section 2. Other Awards

The Board of Directors may establish other awards or programs at its discretion.

Article 17. Dissolution of Organization

Upon the dissolution of STGAA, all assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose

Article 18. Adoption and Amendments

Article 18. Section 1. Adoption

An affirmative majority vote of a quorum of the Membership shall be required for the adoption of these Bylaws, which shall become effective at once.

Article 18. Section 2. Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws may be made at a regular meeting, or a special meeting with thirty days notice to all Members, by the sanction of a quorum, with two-thirds of those voting members present necessary to overturn an existing by-law. Alumni who recommend amendment changes must present to the Board in a topic, discussion, and recommendation format.