What is the STGAA?
We're an organization for SUNY Oswego alumni who were in STG while in college.

What is the purpose of the STGAA?
Our aim is to support the STG while providing the same sort of camaraderie and friendship for alumni that the STG gives to students. We offer services to both students and alumni such as career advice and contacts in various career fields. We'll also be offering a yearly scholarship for STG members who are SUNY Oswego students in good academic standing.

How do I join the STGAA?
If you are an alumni of SUNY Oswego and a former member of STG you are automatically a member of the STGAA. However, if you pay dues to the organization you get access to special privileges granted only to paying members.

Whoa! Dues? I don't have much money.
Don't worry, dues are only collected yearly and they come in a wide range. Our most affordable and basic level is a $10 contribution. This would allow you to vote on any organization business requiring a vote. You can choose to give as much money as you like or can afford.

Where does my money go?
We use that money to fund the scholarship, and support the organization and STG. We are a nonprofit under 501(c)7 and board members do not receive any financial compensation. Your money is invested directly back into this organization and the STG.

So what privileges do I get for paying more money?
Tier 1: $10. The member has voting rights for the year paid.
Tier 2: $50. Tier 1 rights and Arcon fees paid for in full for the year paid.
Tier 3: $100. Tier 2 rights and Arcon t-shirt for the year paid.
Tier 4: $250. Tier 3 rights and an Arcon swag bag not to exceed $25.
Tier 5: $500. Tier 4 rights, special recognition at Arcon, certificate of thanks, and a special gift not to exceed $50.

If you want to exceed the $500 mark we'd need to discuss an appropriate benefit for that.

How/Where can I send my dues/donation?
You can mail your dues/donations to:
c/o Pete Sterpe Jr.
103 Schuler St.
Apt 3
Syracuse, NY 13203
Checks can be made out to Story Tellers' Guild Alumni Association

You can also pay in cash or check at Arcon every year.

Who's in charge of the STGAA?
We're a democratic body using parliamentary rules to conduct organization business. We do have a board of directors who are currently setting the basic agenda for the organization and acting on the organization's behalf.

President - Scott Charette
Vice President - Mark Smith Jr.r
Treasurer - Chris Raslan
Secretary - Deanna Raslan
Student Representative -
Standing Head of the Committee for Development - Pete Sterpe Jr. Standing Head of the Endowment Committee - Rob Kirker Standing Head of Communication and Advancement - Dave Blair Head of Website Development - Aimee Blair

What rules govern the STGAA?
We have a set of bylaws that can be found online at stgaa.org/documents/ByLaws.doc, where you can access all sorts of great information and discussions about what we're doing.

Once I join how can I help out?
Paying your dues helps us a lot, but we also value new ideas and extra hands to get things done. Feel free to contact a member of the committees and see what help they might need. Also members of the board might post requests for help with specific projects as things occur. Keep an eye on our forums and feel free to speak up, too.

If you have any further questions not addressed here feel free to e-mail one of the board members or post in our forums and ask. We look forward to you being a part of our organization in the near future.